Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hot in Toronto: The Gabardine

The Gabardine is not your typical fancy and edgy style type of restaurant you will find in the Financial District, it is rather a little charming restaurant situated at the corner of Richmond & Bay. You will always find a line in waiting whether it is a Friday evening or a weekday afternoon. 

Its interior is designed in a English classic country style. Picture frames of old vintage graphics can be seen everywhere in the restaurant. Pattern tiled ceiling, whitewashed walls, exposed pendant light bulbs, dark burgundy coloured soft seats, and grandma-style flowery plates all complimented each other that gives a cozy atmosphere with some class. 

The Gabardine is a premium casual restaurant that will serve you comfort at any occasion with its foods, drinks & friendly company, so do have a try next time!

Delicious Delicious Delicious! 

The Gabardine
372 Bay st. Toronto (Bay & Richmond)
(647) 352 - 3211

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