Monday, October 2, 2017

Three easy solutions to transform your unused dining table

 The dining table; thought of as a place to retreat for dinners and gathering’s with friends and family is often set for those special occasions, with dinnerware and glassware that compliment the season or event. However, when not being used to entertain you can use this unused space to create a cohesive look that amplifies your space and design cred. 

For everyday use, we have created three looks that are versatile and change with the seasons and provide that missing flare, which would otherwise be bare. 

Go Bold with Drama

Ash Candle Holder Collection ELTE
Mixing shapes, like these sculptural abstract candle-holders create a legato like rhythm that connect the space with no intervening silence.

Go Symmetrical with florals

Test Tube Vase Set ZARA Home

Through-out the year add seasonal flowers arranged diagonally across the table. Do not interrupt the flow of our lives; create balance by placing two extended groupings centered directly beneath your light fixture. 

Go High and Eclectic


Add height and nature to your space with an eclectic gathering of your favorite pieces. Use the rule of three. Create a full look by balancing the room adding more pillows to the opposite side in which you place your arrangement.

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