Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Giving Back

Together with many of the trades and vendors that we work with on a regular basis we decided to give back to the community in a meaningful way.

Homeward Bound is an incredible program in Toronto that offers housing for women and children in challenging situations. It provides financial and emotional support for these women while they are in the process of getting an education and making an effort to move towards independence.  

Over a six month period, we transformed the community room into a space that can be used by the women and children to help foster that sense of community that Homeward Bound Strives for. The room was outfitted with a brand new kitchen including appliances, a play area for kids with TV’s and  shelves that fully stocked with games and toys. Everything was donated by the amazing group of people and companies that we work with. 

Why not? Giving back to the community whenever we can  is one of the core principles at Stacey Cohen Design. We believe that our physical environments impact how we feel and dictate how we function. We hope that having this space will provide comfort and a sense of community as well as act as a place where the women and children of Homeward Bound can build memories together to makes their journeys a little bit easier. 

We want to recognize all of the incredible people that donated many days of hard work and materials to make this transformation happen. Your constant enthusiasm and participation in the homeward bound program means the world to us! As a team, we walked into this experience wanting to give back. Walking away, however, we got so much more than we gave as we got to witness firsthand the abundant amount of generosity, support and gratitude from all who donated. Thank you to everyone involved in the Homeward Bound Program, this experience has truly made us a better and stronger team!

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