Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Decorating on a Budget: Living Rooms

This week I am focusing on how to decorate on a budget, check back each day to see the new room being featured. Moving is expensive and so is furnishing a place, that being said, the line between beauty and price is no longer a barrier and being on a budget doesn't mean that you cant have an amazing place. See below for featured budget items that are in store right now and tips and tricks on how to add that extra level of class to inexpensive furniture and how to ensure you are choosing the right pieces!

Below is a step by step process on how to decorate a room from start to finish. There is obviously may ways to go about doing a room but these steps below will be helpful to anybody who is unsure and want some guidance.

Step 1: Choose your SOFA
Tip 1: Don't be afraid to go BIG, choose a sofa that takes up your entire wall, the more it can seat, the better.
Tip 2: Buy lots of throw pillows, add some colour and pattern and don't be afraid to mix and match.

Where to find:
1. Kelly Sofa: Structube $1099.00
2. Kivic Sofa: Ikea $879.00
3. Blake Sofa: West Elm: $999.00-$1999.00

Step 2: Choose your COFFEE TABLE
Tip 1: Accessorize your coffee table (See Step 6: Accessories for Details)
Tip 2: If you go with the liatorp coffee table, or something similar, find a fun wall paper to mount underneath the glass!
For Wallpaper Ideas visit:

Where to find: Walnut Wallpaper
1. Ravik Coffee Table: Ikea $159.00
2. Liatorp Coffee Table: Ikea $349.00
3.Display Coffee Table: West Elm $349.00
4. Congo Coffee Table: Structube $399.00

Step 3: Choose your MEDIA UNIT
Here are 3 important tips to making an ikea media unit, a million times nicer!!
Tip 1: LOSE the legs: Its amazing how just by removing the legs it improves 95% of the Ikea pieces

Tip 2: Add your own hardware, check out the I like to get mine at Restoration Hardware, and my personal favourites are the Round Glass Knobs in polished nickle.
Like this:

Tip 3: If you really want to customize your peice and make it special, consider adding something on top of the existing top, for example marble or even mirror. Mirror is the less pricey option and will still make a huge difference to the piece. Measure the top of your cabinet and have a piece of cut at the exact same size.
Like this:

Tip 4: Wall mount your media unit, any time there is an opportunity to wall hang a piece of ikea furniture my recommendation is to it, it just looks better, plain and simple.

Where to Find:
1.Best Shelf Unit (Put 2 together if you have room): Ikea $179.00
2. Trollsta (this is one exception where I would not remove the legs or wall mount): Ikea $339.00
3. Best Burs: Ikea $449.00

Step 4: Choose your RUG
Tip 1: Finding the right size rug, if you have a sectional sofa measure the inside dimension of your sofa, your rug should not be smaller than this dimension in width (ie. if you have 7' going across you want to get an 8' rug in width), the length of your rug should go either to the end of your wall (the wall opposite from your couch) or a foot away from the wall, any more than a foot and the rooms starts to look smaller.
Like this:

Tip 2: Add some colour, the rug is a great way to incorporate colour, dont be afraid to introduce a colour in the rug that you done already have in the room.

1. Stockholm Rand: Ikea $229.00
2. PS Stuga Rug: Ikea $399.00
3. Koldby Cow Hide: Ikea $299.00

Step 5: Choose your FEATURE WALL
Choose a wall that you want to create as a focal area, behind the couch is always a great option.
Ideas for Feature Walls (See in pic below):
1.Create a photo gallery
2. Paint a wall either in a dark shade or a striking colour
3. Use Wallpaper
4. Hang a floating shelf and accessorize it

Step 6: ACCESSORIZE and make the room your own, buy coffee table accessories, floor lamps, pillows, side tables, books etc.
Ideas on Accessorizing Your Coffee Table

Side Tables In Store Right Now

Where to Find:
1. Aluminum Wood Side Table: West Elm $179.00
2. Trollsta Tray Side Table-Ikea $99.00
3. Martini Side Table: West Elm $129.00

Accessories In Store Right Now

Where to Find:
1. Tradig Bowl: Ikea $29.99
2. Round Mirrors - West Elm on Sale for $69.00
3. Log Book Ends - West Elm $29.00
4. Teak Wood Root - West Elm $49.00
5. Hurricane Candle Holders-West Elm $19.00-$39.00
6. Wood Boxes: West Elm $14.00-$22.00

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