Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ikea Steps Up

Ikea is one company whose booth is never a let down at IDS however this year they really took it up a notch. There were so many things that stood out at their booth, for starters their Tundra flooring, so unbelievably funky yet at the same time much more understated than you would anticipate. Second, the cluster of their Vate lighting pendant, who would have thought a $6.00 light fixture could look so good? The 20' island that was the full span of their booth was more than spectacular as well. Lastly I loved the t.v hidden in the mirror, if there is a classy and seamless way to integrate a t.v into your kitchen then this is definitely it. Don't underestimate ikea, their stuff is amazing, current and their designers sure as hell know whats going on.

Ikea Booth

Check Out the Tundra Flooring

Television Feature

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