Sunday, January 30, 2011

Interior Design Show 2011: Featuring Domison

Every year the IDS show is a great vibe and if you are into design then you are sure to be inspired in more ways than one. IDS opens the floor to tons of companies and designers to market themselves and this year more than any other, people really brought their best game. Walking through the aisles there were so many things this year that were outside of the box, cool and creative that I am excited to share. This week on my blog I will be posting about all of the amazing things that I saw at the IDS show so check back each day to see the features.

DOMISON-Pushes the Envelope
As I walked into the show on the opening night, the very first thing that caught my eye was the Domison booth, simply designed yet at the same time so striking with the hot pink strings diagonally hung in every which way across the booth. Although I am an animal lover, I was immediately drawn to the fur lampshades that Domison was featuring. This hanging pendant that retails for $1500.00 is made out of fiberglass molding and is upholstered in Canadian beaver and silver fox. I could see this lampshade hung in so many different applications that it is ever so exciting. Perfect for hanging over a chalet recycled wood dining table or grouped together at different heights in the lobby of a hotel lounge, there is no shortage of how these can be used.

Fur Pendants

The Cool Factor
There are so many companies designing furniture and standing out is never easy. So you might ask, what is it that makes this company different and stand out from others? They have branded them selves in a way that every element of this company speaks to me as cutting edge, ahead of the game and cool. I even loved their brochures, the colours, the way they open, the print that is so minimal but really speaks to their philosophy and what they are about.

Domison Brochure

Domison is a leading example of the statement that "the line between beauty and price is no longer a barrier". Aside from their fabulous booth and pieces that have true style, it was Thien one of the owners of the company's, engaging and personable charisma, his passion for design and desire to continuously pursue unique design that led me to want to know more about what they do. As I chatted with Thien, he casually described Domison who he co founded with his younger sis My, an industrial designer, as a company that is inspired by modernity, city life and simple design. The siblings, who have been in business together for nearly ten years, design furniture that exudes true style, and confidence yet simplicity that allows for people to add their own personal artifacts to make it their own.

Co Founder, Thien

Check out their collection at DOMISON

Check back tomorrow to read about more features from IDS 2011

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