Tuesday, November 23, 2010

8 Great Finds In Store this Month

1. Bedside Table/Occasional Table: If you are looking for a table for beside your bed or couch, or just some extra storage than this might be your perfect match. I love how this table opens like a trunk, amazing for storing blankets or bigger items with two drawers below for smaller belongings. I loved this piece so much that I bought it even though I do not have a home for it just yet, its a nifty little piece for a great price (99.00)!
Where to find: Homesense

2. Subway Sigh Art: A classic piece of art that will easily find its place each time you move. The monochromic tones make it easy for these pieces to look great on pretty much any wall with any colour palette, especially great for walls with high ceilings.
Where to find: Restoration Hardware

3. Crystal Globe Pendant: If you are a close friend of mine and have bought a house in the last few months that chances are I have found a way to integrate this stunning pendant into your home. This magical globe really does the trick in grounding a room and at the same time adds a tad of glitz.
Where to find: Putti, 1104 Yonge St. Toronto. Ontario

4. Box and Bird Accessories: When accessorizing your shelving or coffee table, don't be afraid to stack and layer different sized boxes/ornaments. These boxes would look great on an open shelving unit, coffee table or even a vanity table in the bedroom. For extra height add the bird (or something else of your choice) on top!
Where to Find: West Elm

5. Buddah Board: If you do not already own one of these than I am afraid you have been missing out. The buddah board is one of my fav things that I own, it is based on the Zen concept of living in the moment. You simply paint on the surface with water, then, as the water slowly evaporates, your art will disappear leaving you with a clean slate and a clear mind. It serves a great coffee table accessory and is also a great gift item.
Where to find: Buddahboard.com

6. Peace Pillow: Homesense can be a hit or miss for pillows but I have to say in the last month I have found a number of magical pieces there. Pair a high fashion piece like this pillow with a combo of more subtle hues/patterns to tone it down.
Where to Find: Homesense

7. These oversized mugs from crate and barrel are amazing for more than one reason a. they can only the equivalent of 1 and a half Starbucks grande coffees b. they say "coffee" on them c. they look great on display on open shelving in the kitchen and I love the matching cream and sugar containers!
Where to find: Crate and Barrel

8. The Perfect Napkin: If you set your table with care + class than you know that a napkin is very important. I personally love this napkin because it reminds me of my favourite logo from Henri Bendels. Either way its pretty and inexpensive and available at Ikea, if you are heading there to buy them then I suggest you try one of their hot dogs too, yum.
Where to find: Ikea

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