Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Phase 5 Comes to Completion

An office space design for a research-focused consulting firm that serves government and corporate clients in Canada, U.S., and international markets. Located in downtown Toronto in the king west neighbourhood, the 4000 square foot space incorporates a large open concept reception/seating area for participants, an observation + participant room where focus groups can be held, 4 private offices, and an open concept work environment for the staff of 12. A selection of clean lined modern furnishings couple with a bright colour palette creates a lively and welcoming work + hosting environment. Please check back in July for a fully furnished and finished product.

A special thanks to Black General Contracting for an exemplary construction job.

Designed by: Interiors by Stacey Cohen
Contracted by: Black General Contracting
Photography by: Jordan Nahmias Photography

1 comment :

  1. Great job Stacey! Look amazing. Can't wait to see the finished furnished product.