Thursday, December 3, 2009

5 Easy Steps to Creating a Bold and Beautiful Hallway

1. Go bold or go home : The Hallway is a great place to have a bold accent wall since your time spent there is limited. Find an accent colour that you love or wall paper with pattern that draws your eye and slap it on the main wall in your hallway.

Where to Find:

2. Find a console : look for a table that compliments your accent wall. Investing in a piece with drawers makes for a good place to put your keys/wallet and all of the other items that most of us are searching for before we leave the house.

3. Add some art: A mirror is a great piece to put in the entrance so you can check your self out one last time before you exit. A piece of art would do too.

4. Light it up: Add a decorative lamp to create interest on top of the table.

5. Get some seating for those who you are greeting : Fine a couple of ottomans or a bench to store under your table for yourself or people to sit on when coming and going.

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